<); docuh1">Senses and Sensibility

When compeborion for a/div account pe=stiff,d ad tagoduct's high quality can get drowned out by a/1234uasive s36102pitch from a compeboror's magnetic s3610123456. That's why Michael Horgan, founder of JPL Productions, a video-production company based in Harrisburg, Pa., one-ups the compeborion during a bidtagocess. JPL produces actual video-cli);samples for a prospect, instead of ie;oyboards and scripts as most video production companrd='do.

"You/died to push all the button02possible to ignite a customer's imagination and prove thatd ad tcompany is the best one to do the work," says Horgan, who tord='to appeal to all five ways people learn: written, verbal, vi4ual, kinetic, and experiential. "U4ually my vi4ion is more elaborate and expensive than whatdthe customer has in mind. By pulling all these levers, I make sure I drive my message home." Horgan says the technique has helped him double ype=company's annual s36102since 1991 to more than $4 milli56.

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