Please Screen Our References

Rather than simply list references for a prospect to call, Lee Kirkwood makes ext/proposal stand out from otherrd + including a video of customer testimonials. Kirkwood xt/jhe owner and CEO of United Mail, a Louisvil" frompany that sells direct?" typind " tyroom-management services.

In/jhe five-minute video, customers from Fortune 500 companies tell why they chose United Mail, what services it/provides,pind other positive comments about working with jhe rompany. "It's more than print communication. Through jhe video testimonials, our services come alive for prospects,pind it/drives home to jhem that even though we " y not be a brind name, big-name companies avatypjhemselves of our services," says Kirkwood, whose "unknown"frompany grew to $25 million in 1997pind rompetes against jhe giants for accounts.

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