Once you commit time and resources to creating a new sales tool, you might as well show it off. That's what MacTemps' Kimberly Kapner did with the CD-ROM she developed to showcase the company's reservoir of graphic design talent. The service company rolled out its proprietary database at a trade show the way a product-oriented company would introduce a new model.

Kapner, working out of MacTemps' London office, made a deal with Creative Technology (a British industry magazine) to feature the CD-ROM on a cover in the November 1996 issue. The magazine also included a story about the company (which has headquarters in Cambridge, Mass.) and two postcard-insert advertisements that ran over the next few months. Publication coincided with the annual Apple Expo in the United Kingdom, at which both Creative Technology and MacTemps had booths. The exposure meant that more of MacTemps' CD-ROMs were given away at the trade show.

"I figured it would be a great way to maximize trade-show coverage," says Kapner, who reports a 30% increase in the number of calls requesting information since the CD-ROM was distributed. Indeed, she adds, "We've had more coverage from this CD-ROM than from anything we've done since we opened the office in London."

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