It's important to keep a database of your customers. It's important to send personalized cards and appropriate gifts in the hope of more sales. But it's even better to remember customers' needs and send them useful information.

Pam Kadlec, co-owner of P.K. Whiskers Wildlife Art & Taxidermy Studio, in Starke, Fla., devotes considerable energy to building value-added customer relationships. She keeps customers' names and addresses in a database, along with notes about their last hunting trophy, and sends them hard-to-find recipes: hearty venison dishes for deer hunters, sophisticated duck à l'orange for duck shooters. "A lot of people find a taxidermist by word of mouth," she explains, "not through newspaper ads. So I try to keep my good customers happy." And it's hard to forget a service provider who helps you wow your dinner guests twice--with what's on the table as well as what's on the wall.

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