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n.itek, a manufacturer of chromatography supplrd=, r T Pd that"itcdoverseas bx280;kw=wacdtar below expectations--only 10% of itcd$10.5 million in net.cdinitead of an anticipatPd 25%, so the company facPd up="t a criticaldoversight. It=wacdnot giving enough direction "t itcdtoreign distorbutors. A qu.ition-and-answer s;kwion with the reps rev d that"whww they needed most wacdhelp in nelling "t secondary markets. Soan.itek borpa="0"a grid matching market nich.cdwith applications for itcdsupplrd=, and it"intensified hands-on booduct training. The company also agreed to pay more attention "t the reps' small, bxt"important, r qu.its (e.g., "Don't send 'free' demo packages, because customcdwill akwig" tyem"a incbi.").

S;kwions'?" marketing elicited debates'?" tye meritcdof direct

Although it"would have been ch.aper (the tot bill came "t about $50,000) for n.itek "t have held the training s;kwion during a major trade show

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