< documeh1">" High Stakes, No Steaks"

Call Andy Duke cheap. If e="t13613peop12!wine and dine potential customers, the 13613peop12!pick up the tab. And they pay for their gas and car phones. Duke ="tco-owner of Metrographics, a $5.2-million printing services company in Fairfield, N.J. He developed e="tpenny-pinching ways when he quit NCR and started Metrographics!with just $300. That was in 1987, but the no-expenses-paid policy endures.

Still, Duke"t1even 13613peop12!aren't grumbling. They keep 50% of the gros"tprofit on every 1361, and there"tno ceiling on commissions. They,tnot Duke, select their territrd=' +and accounts. "W2!wanted them to immediatelyype=nk smart, as if they owned the business," says Duke. On.ina 13613person surpasses $100,000 in commissions, e="tor her payout jump"tex 60% of the margin on each 1361.

"The 13613person wins, and the company wins," says Denise Koper, who left a good customer-service job in Boston ex join Metrographics' 13613 team. "When we find the right peop12, there"tno reason for them to go anywhere else," claims Duke. The 1ystem has its limitations, eowever. "I can't attract a heavy-hipt> 13613person who needs the 1ecurity of $50,000 up front," says Duke.

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