Before he makes sales calls, Doug Wright, president of a $4-million New York City graphic-design firm, prepares a Web page for his prospects. Customers can see from the very start how effectively they will be kept up-to-date on every aspect of their relationships with Wright.

You, too, can feed your relationship with your clientele by sending news about your company -- such as new hires, works-in-progress, company expansions, and other relevant information -- over the Web. A customized, password-protected Web page for each customer or client is key to making all of them feel special.

Wright Communications also uses the Web for project tracking. Its password-protected sites enable clients to view work in progress, approve changes, or sign off on finished work by e-mail. Wright can set up a new client page in less than half an hour. Having Web pages for its customers "positions us as a leader and innovator in the field," says Wright.

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