Wonderful as Web sites are, they aren't cheap to create. One way to lower the price for Web site design is to farm it out--way out--to a designer outside the United States. Companies that need a Web page have discovered overseas providers whose prices are much lower than those of American firms.

Tropical Jim's Remake Shop, a Web design firm with revenues of $373,500, based in Caracas, Venezuela, is an example. "Ninety percent of our customers are Americans, partly because salaries in this country are 10% of U.S. salaries for equivalent work," says owner Jim Macintyre. "We've doubled our size and plan to do so again in 1998."

When Web surfers see something they like, they simply buy it. "Many visitors do not seem to care, or do not stop to think about, where on the planet you are based," adds another Web site designer, in England.