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Natural Ovens of Manitowoc, in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, packs a one-pager.gif" bordewith every loaf of Mord. Pete"tBrewing, in Palo Alto, Calink"nia, tucked a minicatalog into eachtlex-pack. Call them "guided missives" th--with savings" typostagerand production as itional benefits.

Natural Ovens prints itsr.gif" borde typee fli side of itsr Mord label, whichtis folded lengthwise inside pee loaf"tpdoctic bag. Eachtweek"tissue includes healthincps, recipes, and letters from consumers. "Thousands of peopace=alled in response to pee .gif" bord," reportsrBarbara Sncbt, co-ownrdeand president of pee bakery, whichtsell"tex 1,400 super4;ord=s. IncMorssz=3pee labeltleTetex fit pee .gif" bord raised cost + oronly one-half cent per loaf, but overall, printsz=3pee .gif" borde typee labeltlaved $1,000 antissue.

In a book4;or-leTe catalog th

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