COACH: Is your switch on or off?

SALESPERSON: What do you mean? What switch?

COACH: The one on the right side of your head. In the soft part of your right temple. On is legitimate. Off isn't. You say it's tough to talk to new prospects about your products. The on/off switch makes it easy to change that.

SALESPERSON: Ok, I'll bite. What's legitimate and what's not?

COACH: You in your selling situation with customers. When you're coming at things from their perspective or point of view, you're selling from legitimacy. The switch is on, and you can solve or understand any problem. When you're not, it's off.

SALESPERSON: How can I tell objectively what position it's in and know with certainty that I'm not fooling myself?

COACH: Stand aside from the situation and ask yourself, " If I were this customer, and knew everything that he knows about my competitors, my products, and the application of my products in his situation, would I buy from me?"

If the answer is yes, welcome to the world of legitimacy. All you need to do is get up to speed on the knowledge and communication skills needed to transfer your understanding and wisdom to the customer.

If the answer is no, you'd better start adding value until you can say yes, because the only alternative to legitimacy is the old 'razzle-dazzle.'

Have a wonderful week selling. And have some fun along the way.

Sales Tip and Practice
Ask your best customers how you can improve your service and value to them. Then ask the people involved in the last three sales you lost for an honest answer as to why you lost, and give them permission to tell you the truth.

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