In the wake of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, the National Retail Federation (NRF), which is based in Washington,D.C., and is the largest U.S. trade group for retailers, wants to publicize new voluntary privacy guidelines. Specialprosecutor Kenneth Starr, you may recall, subpoenaed the sales records of three D.C. bookstores from which Lewinskyallegedly bought books, including Nicholson Baker's steamy tome Vox: A Novel, for her White House pal.

Thebookstores were ultimately spared having to decide whether or not to turn over the records when Lewinsky herselfsupplied Starr with the information. But the query raised red flags for retailers. Would the bookstores have set aprecedent for violating the privacy of their customers if they had revealed the purchases? The NRF now counselsretailers to avoid sticky situations by informing shoppers up front about the kinds of data a store collects and howthey might be used.