The Internet is Y2K Central, and book publishers have unleashed a flood of advice on how to prepare for the new millennium.

Web Sites

The Year 2000 Information Center
If you're searching for the latest Y2K news, start here. This site also offers more details about the potential legal ramifications of the year 2000 bug.

The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Here you'll find a primer on the Y2K bug. This short guide can be downloaded or viewed on the site.

The Small Business Administration Y2K Help Center
Full of tips and tools, this is also the place to find out about potential government funding for remediation efforts.


Managing 00: Surviving the Year 2000 Computing Crisis, by Peter de Jager and Richard Bergeon (John Wiley & Sons, 800-225-5945, 1997, $19.99)
This book preaches a hands-on, action-oriented approach to the problem and describes a variety of year 2000 tools.

The Computer Time Bomb: How to Keep the Century Date Change from Killing Your Organization, by Minda Zetlin (AMA Membership Publications Division, 800-262-9699, 1998, $24.95)
Here's a nifty little primer on thinking through your own approach to the millennium bug.

Finding and Fixing Your Year 2000 Problem: A Guide for Small Businesses and Organizations, by Jesse Feiler and Barbara Butler (AP Professional, 619-231-6616, 1998, $39.95)
This encyclopedic guide tells you everything you ever wanted to know, and more, about how a small business can solve its Y2K problems.