If you're not offering incentives to your Web site visitors, you are missingout on several sales, especially impulse sales. Many Netizens have shortattention spans and a quick mouse--places to go and sites to see. It ishighly likely that you will have just one shot at most of your visitors. You'dbetter make it count.

Here are twelve ways to add more impulse-buying power to your Web site (orany other sales campaign, for that matter):

  1. Have a sale and tell customers how much they'll save.
  2. Put a time limit on the sale.
  3. Give them something "free" if they buy now (somethinguseful).
  4. Offer a discount.
  5. Offer more information upon request. If they ask for moreinformation, follow up on the request within two days.
  6. Make sure you're accessible to customers if they have questions. Give them your phonenumber, E-mail address, postal address, etc.
  7. Offer to contact them. Use a form for them to request correspondence andfind out how they would like to be contacted and whenwould be a good time for you to contact them.
  8. Ask for the order (obvious solution, but often overlooked).
  9. If you know they're interested and you can afford to, negotiate the price.
  10. Offer samples or demos, when possible.
  11. Provide plenty of data, when possible. (People love statistics.)
  12. Post comments from satisfied customers on your site.
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