One of the first questions from many prospects seems to be, "What's thisgoing to cost?" Because you want to give prospects what they ask for, youmay be compelled to answer right away.

But many buyers lose interest in what you're selling when you tell them theprice near the beginning of your conversation. Buyers who ask for the pricequickly are most likely price shoppers and are just gathering information fromseveral vendors to find the one with the lowest price. If you give these buyersthe price, you may never hear from them again.

However, you may find that waiting to disclose the price until after you'vefinished your sales presentation will result in more sales. If you can delaytelling prospects your price until after you've detailed the benefits and thefeatures they need to hear about, you can interest them in more than just yourprice.

You can handle this situation by saying:

"I'd like to tell you our price. But to give you a more accurate estimate, I need to know which features of my product line would work best for you. Let's spend a few minutes talking about what you're trying to do, and then I'll give you the cost."

This way, you have a chance to present your product line and itscapabilities. Even if you get only one chance to talk to prospects, you've beenable to tell your whole story.

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