How many times have you called prospects to confirm whether they had receivedthe literature you sent, only to have them tell you they received it but hadn'tread it yet?

There's a simple reason why this happens, and to understand it, all you haveto do is look at the way you go through you own mail:

  • First, you sift through and identify the junk mail that is of no interest to you and throw it in the trash.

  • Then you pull out the big pieces -- magazines and packages of literature -- to look at later.

  • Finally, you open and read the first-class letters and the bills.

And that tells you why most sales literature kits are not read right away, ifat all. They are set aside in the first sorting. People read mail that is easyright now. They save mail that will take time to go through for later -- perhapsmuch later.

That's why a short, simple literature package often works better. When yousend a page or two in a business envelope, with first class postage, it islikely to be opened and read immediately.

So my recommendation is to send a minimum amount of literature early in thesale--just enough to impress the prospect with your capabilities and make himwant to meet with you. Save the comprehensive literature kit for your in-personmeeting or for a later stage when the prospect has invested time in you and hasmore motivation to fully read it.

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