Show attendees rarely see an exhibitor's main benefit as the most prominentlydisplayed message on a booth or in promotional materials, nor do they hear it expressedby exhibit staff. Exhibitors inadvertently hide their biggest benefit. Thinkabout the typical trade show booth:

  • Exhibits are often designed to most prominently display the product or company name.
  • Staff members offer drawings or giveaways that don't relate to their main differentiating benefit.
  • Staff members make ice-breaker comments that are general and not relevant to the reason to buy (i.e., "Having a good time?" "Want a free . . .?").

When companies don't make their main benefits easy to see and hear quickly,attendees must be deeply motivated to look and ask for the essential informationthey want.

Credible benefit statements initiate a sale. A credible brand name thenreinforces the reason to buy, not the other way around. Good benefit statementsare vivid and specific.

The people you most want to attract to your booth are:

  • Seeking information to buy a certain kind of product for the first time and trying to select the best product
  • Considering changing vendors
  • "Trolling" (not buying now but seeing what is new for future reference)

The serious buyers most want to see and hear information regarding the mainreason to buy at all and, if they do buy, the main reason they should buy from you.

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