Selling with demonstrations at a trade show booth is not too different fromin-office sales. Regardless of how little time you have, you still need todiscover prospect needs before the demo.

First, you will have to get the prospect's permission to ask questions. Isuggest that you qualify him or her with a question such as:

"Ms. Prospect, in order to ensure that you spend your time wisely and that I show you exactly the features you need to see on our equipment, I need to ask you just a couple of questions. OK?"

Once you have gained that commitment, you can ask two or threeneeds-identification questions. Here are some that might work for you:

"What would you do with this equipment if you had it?"

"What are you hoping to accomplish with our type of equipment?"

"What are the three principal concerns you are trying to solve? Why are they important now?"

"What have you seen at the show that has impressed you from other manufacturers?"

"What are the features you like about your present equipment?"

Once you have answers to questions like these, you're ready to conduct a demothat's a perfect fit to the prospect.

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