Smart Staffing
by Wayne Outlaw
Upstart Publishing, 287 pages, $19.95

When you hire someone, you want more than a warm body with good skills. You want a person whosevalues fit those of your company - someone with a positive attitude who doesn't fall apart in a crisis. So howdo you go about finding such an individual?

You could start with this book. Smart Staffing presents five steps to finding, hiring, and keeping the bestemployees.

Begin by deciding the kind of person you need. Make a list of their responsibilities and qualifications - those they must have and those you prefer. Maybe you should consideroutsourcing. Whatever route you choose, know the laws about hiring.

Next, develop a recruiting plan. Will you look for qualified applicants using advertisements? Employeereferrals? Online recruiting?

Be sure to thoroughly screen your applicants. This is especially critical today because 30% of allemployment applications and 45% of all résumés contain false information. Learn to read between thelines.

Interview the best candidates and select your new employee.

But smart staffing doesn't end there. It continues through programs such as career counseling, job enrichment,and perks that will keep good employees. Outlaw, who runs a recruiting firm, tells you what you need to know and shows you how to learn from your hiring mistakes.

Why It's Critical to Hire Smart
  1. Choosing the wrong person costs you money.
  2. Low turnover makes your firm a better financial risk for investors.
  3. Every employee in a small firm makes a significant impact.
  4. You are legally accountable for your employees' actions.
  5. Bad employees chase away good customers.
  6. Good employees make your job as a manager easier.
  7. Hiring right is good preventive care for your organization.

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