Does your banner ad scream "Click Me"? It better.

Click-through rates are declining -- down to 0.5% from 2.5% just two years ago. Insiders tip: Make sure your banner ad's creative presentation is the best it can be. Sure, all good Internet marketers emphasize the offer and list the elements of a campaign, but oftentimes they neglect the third key factor -- great creativity. There are a number of easy ways to enhance the copy and visual elements of banner ads, including keeping your message concise and compelling; not overloading the ads with heavy visuals and superfluous text; and relaying some kind of immediacy to act.

Other suggestions: Make sure your copy and visual elements complement each other. Most important, if you feel you can't do the job effectively, hire a team that does this for a living -- and can probably do a much better job.

Source: ClickZNetwork
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