The marketing plan and budgetwere just approved by the vicepresident. It' s time to launch!

Before introducing the newproduct, booking the hotel for thesales meeting, or running that first adinsertion, be sure that you havecommunicated everything internally.

The mail room needs to knowwhen to expect that 50,000-piecemailing. Inventory must be producedbefore the orders arrive. Customerservice personnel have to be versedin the new product. Cash flow schedulesneed to be communicated to the finance department. Raw materials need to beordered on a timely basis. Ads, literature, news releases, and samples should bewidely distributed internally.

Ideally, other functional areasshould have contributed to the developmentof the plan, but they alsoshould be informed of the final scheduleand activity. It' s not only theparticipation of others that is critical,but it is also their support and understandingthat can make or break themarketing plan. Get everyone involvedas soon as possible. Theircooperation is essential to the currentplan and to future ones as well.

All too often, it' s easy to forgetthat successful marketing is ateam effort.

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