Don Dennis, president and CEO of AVT Inc., in Littleton, Colo., said he was a "total non-believer" in E-commerce until recently. The General Electric veteran first sat up and took notice when he saw an article in an industry publication about GE's plans to move all procurement to theInternet, amounting to about $1 billion in on-line sales.

Dennis decided to see how good the Internet was at lead generating. He was already advertising in theThomas Register. Why not try a listing on the Thomas Register Web site? He didn't have timeto do anything fancy, so he just took his published material and put it on-line.

In 45 days, he was getting more leads from the Web site than he'd gotten from the print version afterone and a half years. In fact, of the 10 or 11 lead generators he has, the Web is now his foremost source ofleads.