One technique for keeping people is offering great perks, and Gary Quick, president and CEO of Quick Solutions Inc., in Columbus, Ohio, was the Perk King by acclamation. Hisstrategy: "When you affect the family, you get more mileage out of your perks. A television set from the company, for example, will sit in front of the family for the next five to seven years."

So every four weeks he sends house cleaners to the homes of employees who've been with him for 36 months or more. He pays $1,200 toward their vacations. When new employees sign on, he sends a big basket of food to their homes. All managers, as well as recipients of the company's outstanding-achiever awards, get a week per year in the company condo on Sanibel Island, Fla. Employees who refer six other potential recruits get the use of a Camry for two years. All the employees have their own business cards.And every Tuesday morning there's a ceremony at which administrative people are given $10 for every new hire and $3 for every new deal the company has made--a total of between $2,000 and $3,000 each year. Next February, if key managers meet their goals, Quick will take them and their spouses to Maui. He's also in the process of starting up an in-house concierge service for his employees. "We're really into this warm-and-fuzzy thing," says Quick.