Communication is the key to motivation and sales results. It's as true withyour indirect sales team as it is for your own in-house staff.

Does that surprise you? Think about it: Can you motivate people withoutcommunicating with them? Can you achieve your sales goals without all themembers of your team working together?

When it comes to the motivation and sales results of your representatives,your company needs to focus on not only what is communicated to reps, buthow it is communicated.

The what
By the nature of their job, resellers are in danger of being out of the loopof what's happening at your company. It's important that they be kept up to dateon company policies and strategies, customer problems or needs, and anythingelse that touches on what they need to know to do the best job for you.

When considering what to communicate to resellers, think details and copies.Reps should be aware of any:

  • Customer correspondence
  • Price quotes
  • Shipping forms
  • Order acknowledgements and revisions
  • Memos that deal with how they do their job

The how
With today's methods of instant communication, there's no reason whycommunication with reps needs to be delayed. So don't keep reps waiting for ananswer from you - it could cost you a sale. And don't neglect to forward them acomplaint - it could mean they'll be unprepared for confrontation at their nextcall, or that they'll unknowingly lose a customer.

If your company doesn't have a standard means of communicating with yourreps, consider setting one. Will you communicate via E-mail, fax or phone? Willtheir messages always come from the same office? Will they be required toacknowledge receiving your message?

An informed rep is a productive rep. You really can't give resellers too muchinformation. Provide them with what they need to know in a prompt, efficientmanner, and they will become the successful outside face your company needs.

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