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Is E-Commerce Your Pot of Gold?

Joshua Kessler

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E-commerce is hot. More and more small businesses are selling online. Do you think your product or service has what it takes to meet the world market head-on and build a bigger, better customer base? Take this quiz to find out if setting up your own Web site with e-commerce capability will lead to your pot of gold.

Answer "yes" or "no" for each of the following questions. Give yourself two points for every yes answer, zero points for every no. An evaluation of your score follows the quiz.

1. Can you showcase your product or service online?


2. Can you offer faster, 24-hour customer service online?


3. Do you have an existing Web site that you can position for online sales?


4. Are you prepared to invest in a full-fledged e-commerce Web site?


5. Is e-commerce a strategic business direction for your firm?


0-3: Think before you leap. You need to gain some added familiarity with selling online. Selling online is a core business decision for both branding your company and making profitable sales. If you don't have a Web site or it's limited, investigate next steps before selling online.

3-6: You are moving in the right direction. Now step back and develop a written plan. Your e-commerce strategy is a line business function for adding profits to the bottom line. Get Email Counseling for advice on how to plan for success.

7-10: You see the end of the rainbow and that pot of gold! You've got the right idea and have some infrastructure to help you along. You can be open all the time, worldwide without bricks or mortar or extra salespeople. Be prepared to provide customer service and keep that site fresh and up-to-date.

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Last updated: Nov 29, 1999

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