Effective marketing strategies always work double time -- feeding off each other and creating a ripple effect. Just like multi-function equipment, your marketing tools should have multiple purposes. Rather than using a device to communicate your message in just one way, explore the device's potential to be used in other media to get results. Consider these examples.

  • A yellow pages ad can be reprinted into a postcard and used as a customer service follow-up tool.
  • If you're an online chat guest, the transcripts can be posted on your own Web site or provided to media representatives as questions they might ask you in a live interview.
  • A business card can be affixed on the outside of a presentation folder.
  • If you've created a customer quiz or contest to educate the market about your offering, you could incorporate it into an advertising specialty item. For example, if the quiz had 12 questions, you could put a different question on each month of a promotional calendar.

Strategies with a multiplying effect give you more value for your initial efforts and free you to concentrate on other ways to build your business.

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