Keith Lamb is the founder and CEO of The Lamb Group Companies, a fast-growing management consulting organization that specializes in e-business solutions, change management, information technology staffing, human-capital strategy, and open-book management.

A serial entrepreneur and mentor to several founders of emerging growth companies, Lamb has practical business experience in areas such as business development; hiring and motivating great people; sales and marketing; leadership and strategy; and information technology. Lamb also has experience relevant to family business topics, since he grew up in a family business and now works with his wife, Wendy.He also speaks nationally on a variety of topics, including leadership in the new millennium; tapping into the real potential of your workforce; and open-book management.

Lamb's real passion these days is open-book management (OBM), a business philosophy and practice based on the idea that a company can become stronger and more profitable when employees know how to exceed their company's goals. Based on its own pioneering efforts and success with OBM, The Lamb Group Companies was awarded a Bank of America Small Business Award in the "Innovative Management" category. Today, Lamb and his 25 associates teach clients how to leverage their human capital by sharing financial information with employees, empowering them to make business decisions, and giving them a stake in the outcome through bonuses and performance-based pay systems.

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