Mie-Yun Lee is an expert on businesspurchasing for the office.

Since she founded BuyerZone.com, Lee has given small and midsizebusinesses advice on purchasing issues of all types,and her opinion has been sought for articles and programs in leading media,including USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and CNBC. In addition, Lee regularly contributes buyer's guides forpublications like Entrepreneur magazine and Inc. Technology,and writes "Savvy Business Shopper," a weekly syndicated column carried in leading businessjournals, including Crain's and American City Business Journals publications.

Lee's book-writing credits incude The Essential Business Buyer's Guide,available in bookstores nationwide. She was formerly the editor of BusinessConsumer Guide, a bimonthly publication providing in-depth information andexpert buying advice on thousands of office products and services.

She currently serves as editorial director of BuyerZone.com, an Internet purchasing hubfor small and midsized businesses.Site visitors can post messages to Lee with questions or tips, and she also overseesresearch and development activities for the site.

Lee is a graduate of Yale University. She cofounded her company in 1992 as a provider of business purchasing advice.

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