Personal & Professional Growth mentor Jennifer Lawton responds:
To be successful as an entrepreneur, you need an absolute curiosity for the world in general as well as an interest in challenging yourself and learning. Another critical trait is humility: You need to acknowledge that you can learn from people. Also, you need a sense of humor so that you can take adversity and learn from it. And you have to be able to laugh at yourself when you are being rigid about things like the color and size of the company T-shirts! At times like that, you have to be able to stand back, keep a sense of humor, and say, "That is screwed up!"

If you're an entrepreneur, it's important for you to be a broad thinker and not miss key trends that are coming. And you have to understand your own strengths and weaknesses. You need to bring on board people who are strong in your weak areas so that you are whole. Finally, you need a tireless work ethic.

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