Marketing and Advertising mentor Jay Conrad Levinson responds:
Marketing on the Internet means more than having a Web site. It means actively participating in newsgroups and forums, engaging in e-mail, attending chat rooms, posting articles on the Web sites of others, hosting conferences, taking advantage of the many free classified sites, authoring articles - and having a Web site. Get as many links to your site as possible and be sure you promote it offline. Maintain it regularly and keep it fresh.

The Rule of Thirds says you should establish a budget for online marketing, then invest one-third in developing your site, one-third in promoting it, and one-third in maintaining it. Do all that you can to get names for your e-mail mailing list, and take advantage of being able to mail to prospects without using a stamp. Surf around to see what your competition is doing. And keep an eye open for potential marketing partners - sites aimed at the same prospects that you have. The more time you spend surfing, the more inexpensive marketing opportunities you'll find.