Running a One-Person Business mentors Paul and Sarah Edwards respond:
Sarah: I discovered working from home when I met with a consultant at his home office in 1971. Working at home was unheard of in those days. I became a psychotherapist and started seeing clients in our home.

Paul: We decided to work from home for all the same reasons people do today. The comfort, convenience, the 10-second commute, not to mention saving money on office space. Of course, one of the biggest reasons was our son, who was 6 at the time. We realized that we weren't the primary influence in his life when he would act up for the nanny and be polite to us.

That's not to say working from home in 1974 was an easy adjustment. I was a public affairs consultant at the time, and one of my major clients refused to pay overhead costs for my home office. Home office technology pretty much didn't exist. We used a clunky electric typewriter, and we had to run to a copy store to get copies made. We had an answering machine -- state of the art for the time -- but most people hung up on it. Working from home has definitely become easier in the past 30 years.

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