Once you build a Web site, you need to put some effort into enticing customers to come visit. Banner ads can be a powerful way to invite people to your site. Banner ads that increase traffic are known as "click-through" ads because they beckon users to click on the banner and go through to the advertiser's site. Learn exactly what's involved in click-through ads and when such a campaign is right for your business.

Learn What a Click-Through Campaign Is
Unlike a branding campaign, which is primarily geared to exposing users to an image or message, a click-through campaign is a call to action. The objective is to get as many qualified viewers as possible to click on your ad and visit your site. You can think of the banner ad message as the teaser offer that brings prospective customers in the door, like a barker at a carnival.

Learn When to Use a Click-Through Campaign
Because it has such a specific goal (getting people to visit your site), a click-through campaign may or may not be the best banner ad strategy for your business at its present stage. Here are a few situations in which your business would likely benefit from engaging in a click-through campaign: Perhaps you've sold banner ad space to other companies and want to ensure that you can deliver the number of impressions you guaranteed. You may be participating in an affiliate program in which you send qualified customers to another site, where they buy something and you receive a commission for their purchase. Or you may be seeking to build a database of qualified individuals to whom you plan to sell your products at some future date, but for the present you just want to obtain as much demographic information as possible.

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