Human Resources mentor Rudy Karsan responds:
I believe that the HR factors related to our growth fall into three categories:

  1. Spread of ownership throughout the organization. We have an internal program that promotes individuals to an ownership status that we refer to as principals. These individuals are not simply investors; they are active in the management of the corporation. The input and effort from this group of leaders have propelled Raymond Karsan Associates to outstanding growth.
  2. A strong culture of creating dialogue and communication throughout the organization. As an example, before changing our name, we consulted everyone in our company via e-mail or group forum.
  3. Bonus and commission programs with no cap on earnings. There are very few bonus programs in our company that cap compensation.

It is interesting to note that benefits and human resource processes are missing from the above list. In my opinion, those items are not as significant in an environment of high growth.