At the Helm book cover small At the Helm
by Peter Isler and Peter Economy
Currency Doubleday, 2000, 224 pages, $21.95.

Lessons from theWorld of Sailing

Two-time America's Cup winner Peter Isler and business author Peter Economy team up to produce an elegant little book that intertwines the world of sailing and business. Their thesis in At the Helm is simple: Success in business and success in sailing are based on the same attributes, which is why many successful businesspeople are adept at both. Moving back and forth between vivid, exciting stories of top-level sailboat racing and analogous business situations, the authors lay out what they call the seven rules of success in both domains:

  1. Make a total commitment.
  2. Build true team effort.
  3. Stack the deck in your favor.
  4. Be prepared to change course quickly.
  5. Expect the unexpected.
  6. Push the limits.
  7. Master the inner game.

While there are no groundbreaking revelations here, as in most self-help books, the authors come through with scores of examples to bolster the comparison of their two worlds. Managers will enjoy this concise package of motivating advice - and plenty of good yarns.

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