Do your homework to find a turnkey solution that's a good fit from the start. Avoid unexpected fees, restrictions, and service problems that can result from making an uninformed choice. After taking the time to design and market your site, you don't want to have to start over because your solution provider doesn't meet your needs.

Check with Friends
Referrals from friends or business associates who are pleased with their turnkey Web site are a great place to start. Take a close look at their site requirements, however, to ensure that your needs are comparable.

Visit Online Malls
Yahoo! is one of the biggest online shopping centers and offers a turnkey Web site solution. eCongo is another. If you visit other online malls, look for merchant services they offer that may include Web site building functions.

Compare Rates
Compare rates, find out what distinguishes one from another, find out about their downtime statistics, the site monitoring tools they offer, and portability of content created on their sites.

Read about Turnkey Solution Providers
Whether print or online, magazines and newsletters offer reviews, analyses, and comparisons of turnkey Web site solutions. Consider whether these reviews are biased.

Visit the Turnkey Solution Provider's Site
Most turnkey solution providers have extensive Web sites where you can review information about their services and pricing. It's not uncommon to find testimonials from customers as well as links to customer Web sites, where you can see for yourself how the product looks and operates. Remember to read the fine print.

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