Once you've identified a prospective turnkey solution provider, you need to determine whether it can really perform.

Check the Level of Customer Service the Turnkey Solution Provider Delivers
Send prospective turnkeys an e-mail message with a specific question to see how responsive they are to customer inquiries. If the provider is good, you should receive an automated response letting you know your message was received and when to expect an answer, followed by a competent answer. Call any provider you're seriously interested in to gauge the competency, courteousness, and efficiency of their customer service representatives. Check service at various times throughout the day or on holidays to determine whether you can get service whenever you need it.

Interview Other Customers
Most turnkey solution providers feature links to sites created using their product. Contact these site owners for feedback on the provider's product, features, and services. Asking specific questions about the turnkey solution will usually be more helpful than asking general questions. Find out whether the host's servers have been down for extended periods and whether customers have gone without good customer service or have experienced problems with their site.

Visit Sites that Use This Turnkey Solution
Test front-end systems by visiting a number of sites created with the turnkey solution. Compare templates and determine if there is enough variety in the designs for your needs. Test functionality and features by navigating through the site. Use the online sales features to find out how your customers might make a purchase on your site. Note the page loading time.

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