Marketing & Advertising mentor Jay Conrad Levinson responds to the following question from an user:

We have a small, successful IT consulting business and also develop add-on software for niche market products. We currently market at a major conference, in a magazine dedicated to our niche market, on our Web site, and by word of mouth. Do you have other suggestions for getting a product introduced to a niche market without access to a client list?

Levinson's response:
I suggest trying to connect with companies that have the same kind of customers you have and trying to trade for or rent their client lists. Become active in newsgroups and forums where you'll not only have a chance to talk about yourself but may meet prospective customers. You might author an article about your niche market and send it to other publications that reach your market, asking for no money but just to be identified by your name and Web site. Some of the publications will let you include a paragraph at the end in which you can blow your own horn. If you could offer your services as a speaker at the conference, that would help establish you as an expert, but you wouldn't be allowed to make a sales presentation. At a conference, you should merely give information of worth and value.