Marketing & Advertising mentor Jay Conrad Levinson responds to the following question from an user:
I'm a 19-year-old entrepreneur with a start-up Web site. There's a big three-day convention coming up for my target market. I need the best guerrilla marketing techniques you can come up with in order to spread the word about my site at this conference. I need to plaster this convention with my site's name ---and do it with a minimal amount of money.

Jay Conrad Levinson's response:Slide fliers about your site under the hotel room doors of conference attendees the day they arrive. Hire people to pass out fliers at the convention. If you can possibly afford it, use a billboard by the airport to herald your site. Find marketing partners who will distribute your fliers at their booths.

I'm impressed that you know the importance of marketing your site, and I think the convention is an ideal place to do it. If you can afford an ad in the convention program, run it. And consider investing in oversize bags with your site's name on them. Convention attendees can use the bags to carry the materials they pick up during their time there. Good luck!

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