The Corporate Athlete
by Jack Groppel, Ph.D., with Bob Andelman
John Wiley & Sons, 1999, 293 pages, $24.

You wake up early and hit the ground running. It's a mad dash to get to the office when you need to, no time for breakfast again. You scramble all morning to put together a big report, and your entire afternoon is packed with meetings. You work late to catch up on a few things, grabbing a quick bite at a fast food restaurant on the way home. Then you collapse in front of the television, going over some notes for the next day's meetings. You have no energy, no motivation, and aren't sure how you'll get yourself out of bed in the morning to do it all again. Sound familiar?

No Off Season for Businesspeople

According to author Jack Groppel, today's high-stress, competitive business world has a lot in common with the athletic world. There are constant demands to perform at high levels in both worlds ­ only executives don't get an off season. The key to performing at your peak, writes Groppel, is to become a corporate athlete.

Drawing on a program he has conducted with both professional athletes, including Olympic athletes and NHL stars, and executives from major companies such as Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Estee Lauder, and Bristol-Myers Squibb, Groppel shows you how to apply the principles of athletic training to your own life. He even includes a 21-day program to get you started.

What sets this book apart from other books about exercise, nutrition, and stress relief is its emphasis on their place in the life of a busy businessperson. The unique challenges of eating right and exercising when your life is jam packed, hectic, and often filled with travel are addressed, from what to eat at a business lunch to when you should sleep on an international flight. Also included at the end of every chapter are tips you can begin to use right away.

However time pressed, exhausted, or stressed you are, you will find in The Corporate Athlete some helpful advice on how to achieve better performance in your everyday life.

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