The Creative Executive
by Granville N. Toogood
Adams Media Corp., 2000, 188 pages, $16.

Creativity Is Key for Successful Leaders

Facing a difficult decision? Author Granville Toogood suggests that you flip a coin. The purpose is not to have the coin make the decision for you, but rather to gauge your reaction to the result. This instinctive reaction will reveal the decision you truly wish to make.

Such commonsense advice and insight, supported by scores of examples, fill this compelling text on creativity by the author of The Inspired Executive and The Articulate Executive.

A Defining Characteristic

Toogood demonstrates how creativity is a defining characteristic of a wide range of leaders, both famous, such as Martha Stewart, Steven Spielberg, and even Michael Milken, and not so famous, such as Kaj Ahlmann, former CEO of Employer's Reinsurance, and landscape architect Tom Balsley.

For example, Toogood relates the story of Charlene Pedrolie, manager of a 500-employee furniture factory. Pedrolie took over management of the plant at a time when impatient customers were demanding custom-made furniture -- and wanted it now. In the face of this challenge, writes Toogood, Pedrolie "simply threw out the rule book and started from scratch" -- completely redefining how furniture is made.

Executives seeking to stimulate their passion and creativity will be inspired by Toogood's latest.

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