by Bill Jensen
Perseus Books, 2000, 220 pages, $25.

Author Bill Jensen has produced a compelling how-to guide on simplifying first your workday and then your company.

Jensen offers five building blocks required to simplify your workday -- that is, to make the best use of your time and, equally important, of other people's time:

1. Know: Understand which few things are important.
2. Feel: Consider and plan what the experience will feel like.
3. Use: Focus on the tools and resources that are to be used.
4. Do: Create and manage expectations.
5. Succeed: Create a teachable view of what you want to achieve.

Jensen shows how this five-block framework will help you plan, communicate, and organize your work more effectively.

Simpler Companies

For simpler companies, Jensen advises executives to work backward from what people need -- to "start at the front lines, where employees and customers meet, then work backward into business needs." To create this "user friendly" company, executives must build trust, carefully design the content needed for decision making, and put in simple navigation tools to help people achieve what they need to achieve.

In Simplicity, managers will find an important blueprint for making your workday -- and your company -- more flexible and productive.

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