Human Resources mentor Rudy Karsan responds to the following question from an user on the HR discussion board:
Are there any new titles for a human resources executive? I need something more exciting than VP or director of human resources.

Rudy Karsan's response:I have seen numerous titles for the executive in charge of human resources during my years in this field. Some are humorous, some are telling of the organization, and some are just plain weird. Among the more memorable titles I've come across:

  • Chief Talent Officer
  • Vice President, Animal Farm
  • Director, Insane Asylum
  • Vice President of Personnel
  • Vice President of Human Capital Management
  • Chief Cultural Officer
  • Director of People
  • The People Person
  • Chief Lightning Bolt
  • Vice President, Talent
  • Vice President, Most Important Area
  • Vice President, Personnel Management
  • Vice President, Labor Relations
  • Regional People Cultivator

I hope you find something you like.

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