Total Career Fitness
by William Morin
Jossey-Bass, 2000, 176 pages,$27.

Are you frustrated with your job? Do you feel stressed all the time? Have you forgotten what it's like to have a passion for what you do?

If you've answered "yes" to any of these questions, maybe what you need is a "career checkup" and a regular series of "career workouts," says human resources expert William Morin.

The Root Causes of Dissatisfaction
Unlike many career guides that are targeted at those first entering the workplace, Total Career Fitness is geared to the professional questioning his or her career path. Morin encourages his readers to take personal responsibility for the state of their careers by looking beyond the obvious, everyday problems to the root causes of their dissatisfaction.

Morin begins by helping you formulate a clear picture of where you stand now. The first eight chapters of Total Career Fitness provide an analytical, thought-provoking examination of your career, motivation, plans, and wishes. Topics include such issues as how to determine if you're likely to be promoted, how to figure out how much money you need to make, and how to decide if your current job is really right for you.

Next, Morin helps you formulate an action plan based on the work you've done in the first part. Whether you've determined you just need a "tune-up" - perhaps a different position in your current company - or a complete overhaul - for instance, changing industries or becoming a consultant - Morin provides tools to help you along the way.

Hundreds of Questions
Morin makes these career checkups an easy process, posing hundreds of questions for the reader to consider thoughtfully. The exercises are also included on a disk and can be easily printed out for repeated use.

If you've been feeling that something in your career isn't quite right, this is an excellent resource to help you pinpoint why you are feeling dissatisfied as well as discover what you should do to change your situation.

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