Raising Capital
by Andrew J. Sherman
Kiplinger Books, 2000, 430 pages, $34

Raising Capital is a no-nonsense book from the new Kiplinger'sBusiness Management Library series, which mainly targets small to medium-size businesses looking for in-depth, practicaladvice that can be applied today -- in this case on how to raise money to start and grow a business. Raising Capital author Andrew Sherman, a corporate attorney, expertly fulfills the mandate.

Sherman begins with an overview of the strategies and trends related to "capital formation." Here he addresses such topicsas the natural tension between investor and entrepreneur, understanding the different types of investors and the differentsources of capital, and determining how much money you really need. In separate chapters, Sherman explains corporate legalstructures best suited for growth and the importance of business plans.

The author then launches into the process, devoting separate sections of the book to early-stage financing, growth financing,and alternatives to traditional financing. A 115-page appendix contains samples of financing agreements, forms, andquestionnaires.

Practical, detailed, and organized for maximum use -- including multipage call-out boxes with titles such as "Types ofAccredited Investors," "Key Elements of a Successful Presentation to the Venture Capitalist" and "Entry Requirements forMajor Stock Markets" -- Raising Capital will answer all the questions you may have about capital formation, or tell youwhere to find the answers.

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