Put your e-zine subscription form on all your Web pages, and give your visitors a good incentive to sign up -- not just that it is free. Because free e-zines are now so commonplace, "free" no longer suffices as an incentive. Try offering a gift or a service in return for customers signing up.

List your e-zine on one of many e-zine directories on the Web, such as:

Use viral marketing. Post your e-zine articles on the Internet with instructions on how to subscribe. You can post the articles on your Web site or through free content distributors on the Internet, which will reach more potential subscribers. Consider these sites:

Use ad exchanges. On an exchange, you swap ads with another e-zine. This works best, of course, if the other e-zine targets your audience but does not compete with your business. As long as the other e-zine is directed toward your target audience, it doesn't matter if it has a large subscriber base or not; the point is that you are advertising to the people who are most likely to be interested in your e-zine.

Purchase advertising space for your e-zine in other e-zines that are sent to your target audience. You can approach them directly or use an ad broker. Brokers include:

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