Marketing & Advertising Mentor Lisa H. Buksbaum responds to the following questions:

What do you think the most important trend affecting small business will be? How best can owners position their companies to take advantage of it?

Lisa Buksbaum's response:
The most important trend affecting small business is surely people's search for meaning and connection in their lives.

Many of the motivating reasons entrepreneurs started businesses in the 1990s -- to have more control over their destiny, to make a difference in the world, to spend time with their families, to have multi-dimensional lives beyond their title and paycheck -- are now trends that are being expressed in corporate America. My Fortune 500 clients and 1099 employees are more comfortable enjoying their lives, interests, and families and not feeling ashamed that they have to hide this part of their existence. In fact, the tide has turned so that the workaholic titans who boast of not having a life outside of work are no longer considered role models, by anyone that I know. Companies should position themselves as "getting it" to be a vibrant and energizing place that employees will want to align with and should talk to their customers about the psychographic and emotional things that really matter to them most, instead of treating them like their demographic profiles, i.e., age, zip code, job titles, etc.

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