Information Technology mentor Glenn Weadock responds to the following questions:

What do you think the most important trend affecting small business will be? How best can owners position their companies to take advantage of it?

Glenn Weadock's response:
Companies that can take a hard look at sophisticated computer and communications equipment and software and make decisions based on real world business needs will gain a leg up on companies that simply automate because they feel they must.

The sensible use of technology is illustrated by the following examples:

  • Telecommuting with links fast enough to work well. One of the reasons companies are backing off from telecommuting is that they often didn't invest in fast enough links to make the proposition viable. It would be a shame if the whole concept of giving employees some freedom to work from home gets a black eye because of some highly publicized and ill-planned implementations, but I see that danger.
  • Network security. You would not believe how many small companies still don't have viable, sound data backup strategies in place, or effective antivirus measures. Some attention to basic data management, boring though it may be, is a key component of a technology implementation strategy. One fire or flood or earthquake won't put a big company out of business, but it surely could put many small firms out of business if they lose all their operating data.

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