Many visitors will find you the first time by using search engines or by following a link from another site.

But you can't depend on that method to gain repeat visitors: Search engine rank can change, other sites may drop your link, or visitors might not remember the keywords they used to find you.

Don't leave it to chance.

Remind visitors to save your address while they're on your site by inviting them to add the page to their Favorites or Bookmarks lists.

Get Listed
The Favorites or Bookmarks section of a browser functions much like your trusty address book. Microsoft Internet Explorer's Favorites lists and Netscape Navigator's Bookmarks section contain the URLs of sites visitors plan to visit often. If they remember to save them, that is.

Use this JavaScript code to remind visitors to bookmark your site.

First, define a JavaScript function inside the < HEAD > section of your page:

< Script Language = "Javascript" type="Text/Javascript">
< !-- Hide script from older browsers
var urlAddress = "";
var pageName = "Get HTML Code help from NetMechanic";

function addToFavorites()
if (window.external)
alert("Open the Bookmarks section of your browser to save this page.");
// -->
< /script>

In this script, you're declaring two variables and using them in a function.

The first variable, urlAddress, is the address of your Web page. The second, pageName, is the descriptive text you want visitors to see when they refer to their Favorites list.

Netscape Navigator doesn't support the window.external property, so we check first to see if the visitor is using a browser that does. If the browser doesn't support the function, visitors see an alert box that tells them to open the Bookmarks section in their browser to save the page address.

Once you have your addToFavorites function defined, you can refer to it anywhere in the < BODY> section of your page:

< a href="javascript:addToFavorites()"> Bookmark < /a> this page!

You can easily cut and paste this code into your Web site but remember to change the variable values to reflect your URL address and page name.

Test the code to be sure you've entered your URL correctly. You don't want to invite visitors to save a broken link.

Repeat Visitors Rule
Think about some of the larger Web sites such as or They'd be out of business if they relied on a steady stream of first-time visitors who were curious about the site. Their success comes from attracting repeat visits with constantly updated news stories, new content and personalized information.

Those are large sites with well-known names. Visitors can usually find them without a bookmark. Smaller sites have to expend a little more effort to be remembered. After all, most people would have trouble telling you what they had for lunch last Tuesday. There's almost no chance they can recite every URL they've visited in the past.

Site traffic is great, but one-time visitors won't help you build your customer base. Use your promotional strategy to attract visitors the first time. Provide them with interesting and valuable content, then keep them coming back with this JavaScript code.

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