Marketing & Advertising mentor Lisa H. Buksbaum reponds to the following question from an user:
I would like to develop and integrate an ad campaign using magazine ads to pull in customers. I would send inquirers a package with a cover letter, flyers, promotional items, and directions to my Web site (which I need to build and promote effectively). However, I have two hurdles: integrating all this with no seams and a strict budget.

Lisa H. Buksbaum's response:
You are trying to take on too many projects with limited funding. Instead, let's focus on doing the right things.

The beauty of the Internet is that a successful Web site can eliminate the need for costly printing of brochures. I recommend high-impact direct mailers that really push your company's key benefits and drive prospects to your Web site. If we have learned anything from the dot-bombs it's that you can't "buy" people with meaningless tchotchkes (i.e., promotional items) with your logo emblazoned on them. There are hundreds of storage closets at defunct companies filled with shelves of promotional giveaways. Save the money and build a more effective site.

Try speaking at local professional organizations in industries where your prospective customers are and also contact your alma mater to see if there are any alumni that work in industries you are trying to reach. These people are prospective customers, and you also share the bond of being part of the same "club."

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