Marketing & Advertising mentor Lisa H. Buksbaum reponds to the following question from an user:
There is a lot of information available on reaching consumer markets, but our company needs to reach agencies. This poses challenges in that run-of-the-mill marketing won't attract the interest needed. Also, many of our services are abstract -- such as prize insurance for promotions. I've thought of starting with some advertising in trade magazines, possibly even offering some content, and following with a direct mail campaign. Do you have any suggestions for reaching or researching this market?

Lisa H. Buksbaum's response:
In this competitive, sophisticated climate, run-of-the-mill approaches won't work for consumer or agency campaigns. There's nothing abstract about some of your services, such as prize insurance for promotions, if you can demonstrate what would happen to the promotion and your clients if they did not in fact have the insurance. I recommend a hard-hitting high-impact direct mail campaign reinforced by an e-mail campaign. The rates increase exponentially. The range is 1.5% for e-mail and 2.2% for regular mail, and it is 15% when they are used in combination.

Editorial coverage in trade magazines is a much more cost-effective way to build awareness than advertising. Contact the editors at several trade publications in industries you want to reach and offer to write a bylined article about subjects that you want prospective clients to hire you for.

Also offer to speak at professional trade organizations in order to reach prospective clients. Good luck.

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