Is your business prepared for the worst? Following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, we set out to provide entrepreneurs with information to help them cope with resulting crises. Here, we've compiled articles that cover the basics--from disaster recovery planning, to business insurance, to choosing a successor.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster Recovery Planning 101
Here are some low-cost tips and solutions that can help even small businesses without deep pockets prepare for emergencies:

  • What if the phones go out?
  • What if I need to evacuate the office?
  • What if I can' t get back into my office?
  • What do I do about my computers?

Make Your Records Safe Now
Get started on a disaster prevention and recovery plan by setting up an online backup system for your files.

Flirting with Disaster
Many businesses have disaster plans to prevent unforseen meltdowns, but few have put their plans to the test. MSS Group (#135 on the 2000 Inc 500 list) discovered that its disaster plan was disastrously flawed.

Helping Employees Cope
In times of crisis, simple remedies are often most effective:

  • Listen
  • Be visible
  • Turn off the TV
  • Help employees contribute
  • Remind employees of available resources
  • Watch for physical symptoms
  • Give it time

Business Insurance

A 12-Point Checklist
Insurance experts let us in on critical mistakes that CEOs make when it comes to insuring their small businesses--and the things that all business owners should be aware of regarding business insurance.

Financial Advice

3 Steps to a Better Relationship with Your Banker
When times are tough, you might feel compelled to steer clear of your banker. But based on interviews with bankers following the September 11th attacks, we can advise you do the opposite. Step one to a better relationship: Communicate early and often with your banker.

Debt Management and Banking: Establish a Contingency Plan
A contingency plan is a plan you hope never to use: It outlines what you would do if all of your optimistic plans went wrong.


The Dynamics of Downsizing
" A failure to analyze the emotional and practical ramifications of layoffs can cause more severe problems than you might imagine," according to mentor Robert Hoffman. Here are his essential tips for before, during, and after a layoff.

5 Rules for Making Layoffs Less Painful
How you handle the process can have an impact on your company, not just your employees.

Termination Checklist
Use this checklist to ensure you've taken the correct steps when terminating an employee.
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Succession Planning

Planning for Succession
Without a succession plan, you risk ensuring business continuity. But where do you start? Here are some first steps to take to get your plan on track.

Five Core Competencies for CEOs
When evaluating potential successors, CEOs often overlook evaluating candidates on these key abilities:

  • The ability to build teamwork
  • The ability to think strategically
  • The ability to communicate
  • The ability to motivate others
  • The ability to develop others

Choosing a Successful Successor
Choosing the next in line doesn't always mean choosing someone like you or even someone you like.

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